FOOD GLOSSARY - Brunswick Stew to Cafe Au Lait

BRUNSWICK STEW:  There are many variations of this stew, which is especially popular in the South. It may be made of chicken, rabbit, squirrel, or pork and include such vegetables as corn, green lima beans, okra, and tomatoes.

BRUSH:  To spread with butter or margarine, egg, etc., thinly with a brush or small paper or cloth.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS:  A vegetable known for about 2,000 years in Europe and perhaps 200 years in America yet popular throughout the country only since about 1925. Americans of Italian origin had grown it for generations in the vicinity of Boston and New York before Americans in general appreciated its attractive qualities. The plant consists of a long stalk covered with miniature "cabbages," each an inch or more in diameter. Only the tender part of the stalk is harvested with the head.

BUBBLE AND SQUEAK:  An old English name for a dish of beef, cabbage, and potatoes sauteed together. It was named from the sound it makes while cooking.

BUFFALO:  Herds of buffalo are raised on Western ranges like beef cattle, and an increasing supply of buffalo meat is available in some markets. Buffalo steaks and roasts have a pleasant gamy flavor. The meat is lean and should be cooked with added fat by larding or otherwise, then prepared like beef. Many people consider buffalo liver a greater delicacy than calf's liver which it resembles.

BUN:  A large round roll, made of yeast dough usually somewhat sweetened and often spiced or enriched with raisins, etc.

BUNDKUCHEN (German):  A circular-shaped cake.

BURNET:  A plant (herb) of the rose family with lacy leaves used in salads (especially with cucumbers) and sometimes for herb teas and vinegars.

BURRO (Italian):  Butter.

BUTTERNUT SQUASH:  A spoon-shaped squash, pastel pumpkin in color with long narrow neck and orange flesh. It may be pared and boiled, or it may be baked in the shell.

BUTTERSCOTCH:  A term applied to various foods flavored with a large proportion of brown sugar and butter.

CABINET PUDDING:  A cold, molded dessert of layers of gelatin, thickened custard, and cake or fruit.

CACCIATORE:  Italian style of cooking chicken usually, sometimes veal, in a well seasoned tomato-wine sauce.

CAESAR SALAD:  A West Coast salad of various greens, especially romaine tossed with salad oil, lemon juice, raw egg, seasonings, grated Parmesan cheese. Garlic croutons are added at the last.

CAFÉ (French):  Coffee; coffee house; restaurant.

CAFÉ AU LAIT (French):  Coffee with hot milk, usually half and half. The Spanish call it cafe con leche.


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