FOOD GLOSSARY - Sauerkraut to Schmierkase

SAUERKRAUT:  Chopped cabbage fermented in a brine of its own juice with salt.

SAUMON (French):  Salmon.

SAUSAGE:  Highly seasoned ground meat ordinarily stuffed into or enclosed in a tube of thin prepared intestine or other membranous tissue. It includes a wide variety of meats and combinations of different meats.

SAUTÉ:  To fry quickly and turn frequently in a little fat. See Fry.

SAVARIN:  A French bread made with almonds, orange peel, and citron, named for Brillat Savarin, a noted French epicure and author of culinary works.

SAVORY:  An English term (English spelling, savoury) for a piquantly flavored food served at the end of the dinner; also an herb much used with fish, pork, green beans.

SAVORY CABBAGE:  A variety of cabbage with curly, loose leaves.

SCALD:  To heat milk or other liquid to just below the boiling point; tiny bubbles will appear at the edge. Or for vegetable preparation in freezing or canning, heat a short time by steam or boiling water. See Blanch.

SCALLIONS:  Young green onions which don't develop bulbs.

SCALLOP (The cookery term):  To bake a food, usually in a casserole with sauce or other liquid; food may be mixed together or arranged in alternate layers. Crumbs are often sprinkled on top.

SCALLOP (The food.):  A shellfish (mollusk) with two curved shells deeply grooved, ridged, and hinged together. The shells are pretty and make good baking dishes. (The term "scalloped" is thought to have originated thus.) The large muscle, sometimes called the "eye," is the only part of the scallop eaten in this coutry. Two kinds of scallops are sold in our markets: the bay scallop and the sea scallop; the bay scallop is the smaller of the two.

SCALLOPINE (Italian):  Small, thin slices or "pieces" of meat, usually veal scallopine, prepared in various ways, most often sauteed brown, then cooked tender with wine, mushrooms, tomato sauce, and cheese added. Also spelled scallopini.

SCAMPI (Italian):  Very large shrimp; also a dish of large shrimp, broiled or sometimes sauteed, and served with a garlic sauce.

SCHAUM TORTE:  An old-time European dessert of meringue baked in a spring-form pan or sometimes in layers, and served with fruit and whipped cream.

SCHMALTZ:  A Jewish term for rendered chicken or goose fat.

SCHMIERKASE (German):  A soft cheese.


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