FOOD GLOSSARY - Egg Poacher to English Lamb Chops

Egg Whites, Beaten Very Stiff:  Egg whites beaten until points of peaks stand upright, without drooping, when beater is lifted from surface. Surface should look dry.

To Add Eggs to a Hot Mixture:  First, stir a small amount of the hot liquid into the slightly beaten eggs. Then stir the egg mixture into the remaining hot liquid. If further cooking is required after the egg has been added, use low heat and stir the mixture constantly.

EGG POACHER:  Housewares stores offer a variety of special utensils for poaching eggs. These are insert devices with cutouts that accommodate shallow cups, or they may be covered pans with such insert devices.

EGG FOO YONG:  An omelet-like mixture with Chinese vegetables and almost any cooked meat or seafood added, sauteed in a little cake form. Served with a sauce, usually of thickened chicken stock seasoned with soy sauce.

EGGNOG:  A chilled, sweetened and flavored milk and egg mixture used as a beverage.

EGG BENEDICT:  Poached eggs served on ham placed on toast or toasted, English muffins, topped with Hollandaise sauce.

EGGS FLORENTINE:  Poached eggs on a bed of spinach, with a cream or cheese sauce.

ELECTION CAKE:  A New England rich cake leavened with yeast, containing candied fruits; often called Hartford Election Cake.

EMPANADAS:  A Spanish or Mexican dish - small filled pastries, French fried. The filling is usually meat or chicken.

ENCHILADAS:  Mexican tortillas rolled around meat, chicken, or cheese mixtures and served with a sauce, usually made "hot" with chili powder.

EN BROCHETTE (French):  On a skewer.

EN COCOTTE (French):  Served in individual casseroles.

EN COQUILLE (French):  In the shell.

EN DAUBE (French):  Meat, usually beef, marinated for several hours in a mixture of red wine, vinegar, and seasonings, then braised slowly in a covered casserole.

ENDIVE:  Apparently the name given to endive, escarole, and chicory depends upon the part of the country you are in. French or Belgian endive (Witloof chicory) consists of small heads of creamy white, smooth, long-tapering leaves from 1 to 2 inches in width, pressed tightly together. This endive has always been considered a delicacy. Escarole (Batavian endive) has leaves that are broad and flat, rather than curled at the tips. Gurly endive or chicory has narrow, fine, tight curls on a rather heavy rib.

ENGLISH LAMB CHOPS:  Thick chops cut from the full loin of lamb, not from the split loin, as usual.


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