FOOD GLOSSARY - Coq Au Vin to Crab Louis

COQ AU VIN:  A famous French chicken dish; cutup chicken is browned in butter, transferred to a casserole, and cooked with wine.

COQUILLE (French):  Shell, usually referring to the shell of a scallop; also the scallop itself. En coquille: served in a shell.

COQUILLE SAINT-JACQUES (French):  A famous French dish of scallops and mushrooms baked in shells.

CORDON BLEU:  French for blue ribbon; the name of a famous French school of cookery; a term to denote an exceptional woman cook.

CORNED OR CORNING:  A method used to preserve beef in brine.

CORNISH GAME HEN:  See Rock Cornish Hen.


CORN MEAL:  This is coarsely ground corn. In some sections, white corn meal is preferred; in others, the yellow is liked better. Some brands are enriched with vitamins and minerals.

CORNSTARCH:  This is the refined starch obtained from the endosperm of corn. Flavored cornstarch mixes are blends of cornstarch, sugar, and flavorings for making puddings and pie fillings. They are usually packaged in amounts to make 1 pint (2 cups) of pudding. See also Thickening.

CORNUCOPIAS:  Cone-shaped paper containers for nuts, candy, etc.; pastry rolls filled with whipped cream or meringue with nuts; cone-shaped slices of bread, meats, fish, etc., with various fillings served as hors d'oeuvres.

CÔTELETTE (French):  Cutlet, a small boneless slice of meat.

COTTAGE PUDDING:  Baked cake served with hot sauce over all.

COUPE:   A goblet or cup; usually a frozen dessert served in a cup or tall glass.

COUPE ST. JACQUES:  A combination of fruit served with a frozen mixture in a cup or tall glass.

COURT BOUILLON (French):  A prepared stock in which fish is cooked.

CRAB LOUIS:  A West coast specialty, a crabmeat salad consisting of flaked crabmeat heaped on lettuce, topped with sliced hard-cooked eggs, chopped chives, and finally Louis dressing, usually consisting of French dressing with chili sauce added.


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