FOOD GLOSSARY - Quick Bread to Roulade

QUICK BREAD:  Bread leavened with air, steam, baking powder, or baking soda.

QUINCE:  A golden or greenish-yellow fruit resembling an apple or pear, but firmer fleshed and not edible raw. It is rich in pectin and makes fine jellies and preserves.

RACK OF LAMB or VEAL:  The unsplit forequarter.

RAGOOT (French):  A thick, highly seasoned stew with a rich sauce.

RAMEKIN:  A small individual baking dish.

RAMPION:  A variety of European bellflower with thick, fleshy white roots that are used either raw or cooked in salads and as a cooked vegetable.

RAVIGOTE (French):  A cold sauce of vinegar, oil, chopped onion, hard-cooked egg, tarragon, and other herbs and seasonings. Served with meat and fish. The name is also applied to other cold sauces such as green mayonnaise, the color of which is provided by much minced parsley and chives and to a mixture of herbs and spices used in seasoning.

RAVIOLI:  An Italian term for small squares of thinly rolled noodle dough, filled with chopped spinach, meat, cheese, etc. They are folded together, then sealed and cooked in stock. Served with a sauce or with butter and cheese. They may sometimes also be baked with tomato sauce and cheese.

RÉCHAUFFÉ (French):  Reheated or warmed over in sauce. Refers especially to meats.

RED FLANNEL HASH:  Corned beef hash with chopped beets in it. A New England dish.

REDUCE:  To continue cooking a liquid until the amount is sufficiently decreased, thus concentrating flavor and sometimes thickening the original liquid. Simmer when wine is used; boil rapidly for other liquids.

REFRIGERATOR CAKE:  A dessert which may contain a wide variety of foods, usually some form of small cakes or crisp wafers, whipped cream, and sometimes nuts and fruit. It is made several hours before serving and is kept cold in the refrigerator, hence the name.

ROTI (French):  Toast.

ROTISSERIE:  A restaurant featuring grilled and roast meats; a part of the kitchen reserved for grilling meats; a piece of electrical kitchen equipment designed for roasting chicken and meats on a revolving spit.

ROULADE (French):  Rolled; applied to a rolled piece of meat.


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