FOOD GLOSSARY - Hints for Batter-Coated Fried Foods to Gaufre

Hints for Batter-Coated Fried Foods:

In deep-fat frying, some batters may have a tendency to peel off. To avoid this, check these hints:

• If batter is too thick, add more liquid.

• If batter is too thin, add more flour.

• If batter is too rich in fat, reduce amount of fat in batter.

• Check temperature of fat; if too low, increase temperature.

• Add less food at a time to deep fat; too much food added at one time reduces temperature too quickly.

FUMÉ (French):  Smoked; saumon fumé: smoked salmon.

FUMET (French):  Concentrated broth or extract of fish, meat, or vegetables.

FUNNY CAKE:  A Pennsylvania-Dutch favorite. A cake batter and sauce, baked in a pie shell. The sauce forms a layer between cake and pie shell.

GALANTINE (French):  Boned poultry, meat, or fish stuffed and roasted, simmered ("boiled"), or braised, then pressed and cut in slices or molded in aspic.

GALETTE:  A French cake made of pastry and cut in a lattice or waffled pattern; also a very light, French breakfast roll.

GALUPTZE:  Russian term for chopped meat rolled in cabbage leaves. Also called prokes or holishkes.

GAME:  Any wild bird or animal used for food.

GARBANZOS (Spanish):  Chick-peas.

GARLIC:  A member of the onion family but with the bulb divided into several sections known as cloves or bulblets. Used in cookery to flavor meats, salads, soups, etc.

GARNISH:  To decorate with small pieces of colorful food.

GÁTEAU (French):  Cake; petits gáteaux: small cakes; gáteaux assortis: assorted cakes.

GAUFRE (French):  Wafer-like cookie or a waffle.


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