FOOD GLOSSARY - Decaffeinated Coffee to Dough

DECAFFEINAED COFFEE:  Coffee, both regular and instant, with a high percentage of the caffein removed.

DECANTER:  A decorative glass bottle generally with a stopper, especially one for the serving of wines, liquors, etc.

DÉJEUNER (French):  Breakfast; the French breakfast consisting of hot rolls and coffee.

DELMONICO:  Delmonico steak is club steak, named for a famous New York restaurant of earlier years. Potatoes Delmonico are sliced cooked potatoes baked with white sauce, crumbs, and cheese.

DEMI-TASSE (French):  Literally, half-cup. After-dinner coffee, served in small cups, usually black, although cream and sugar may be added if desired.

DENVER OR "WESTERN" SANDWICH:  A sandwich made of scrambled egg with bits of ham and sometimes green pepper and onion in it.

DEVILED:  Highly seasoned food. Usually refers to food seasoned to make it hot, as with mustard, red pepper, Tabasco sauce, and the like.

DEVIL'S FOOD:  A rich, spicy chocolate cake.

DEVONSHIRE CREAM OR CLOTTED CREAM:  A dessert topping or spread for bread or topping for berries which the English make (Devonshire and Cornwall are particularly famous for their clotted cream) by scalding rich milk and cooling it, then skimming off the cream and molding or whipping it. It has a characteristic sweet flavor.

To Make Devonshire Cream: Place rich fresh milk in a heat- proof dish for 12 hours. Move it very gently onto the range and heat it very slowly until bubbles appear around the edges. Do not let the milk boil. Remove it from the heat and let it stand for 24 hours in a cool place. Then skim the cream. It will be thick and clotted.

DICE:  To cut into very small cubes of less than ½ inch. Use a very sharp knife and cutting board.

DISSOLVE:  To cause a dry substance to pass into solution in a liquid.

DIVINITY:  A soft creamy kind of candy.

DITALINI (Italian):  A tubular-shape macaroni product about ¼ inch in both diameter and length and usually used in soups.

DOLMA:  An Oriental combination of meat, rice, vegetables, and spices, popular in Turkey, Syria, and other Near Eastern countries; the mixture is usually wrapped in lettuce, fig or grape leaves and stewed.

DOT:  To cover surface of food with small pieces of butter, cheese, etc.

DOUGH:  A mixture of flour, liquid, etc., worked into a soft thick mass too stiff to stir, and must, therefore, be kneaded, cut with a knife, or rolled. Doughs may be either soft or stiff, depending upon the amount of flour used. A soft dough is sticky, while a stiff dough is firm to the touch.


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