FOOD GLOSSARY - Shallot to Sillabub

SHALLOT:  A member of the onion family, resembling garlic in that it has divided bulbs, but the flavor is much milder. They are not the same as scallions (young green onions) with which shallots are sometimes confused.

SHASHLIK and SHISH KEBAB:  Shashlik is a Russian term, shish kebab is Armenian. Both refer to skewered lamb, usually with vegetables such as onion, tomato, mushrooms. This dish originated among the mountain tribes of the Caucasus and it is traditionally prepared over an open fire. Originally the lamb was roasted on a sword.

SHEEPHEAD:  Lean, white meated fish found in both salt and fresh water along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, and the Mississippi and other rivers and lakes. It sometimes grows to 50 and 60 pounds but choice eating weight is about 1 to 5 pounds. Has a sheepish look (head and teeth).

SHEPHERD'S PIE:  Meat pie topped with mashed potatoes.

SHERBET:  A frozen dessert of fruit juice, sugar, and water, milk, or egg white.

SHIRRED EGGS:  Eggs baked, usually with cream, in individual dishes.

SHOO-FLY PIE:  Various Pennsylvania-Dutch pies, really molasses and brown sugar flavored cakes, baked in pie shell.

SHORTBREAD:  A very short (buttery), but not sweet cooky of Scotch origin. It is usually made of nothing but flour, butter, and a little sugar.

SHORTCAKE:  A crisp, light biscuit or any sweet cake, such as sponge cake, served with fruit, whipped cream, etc., as a dessert.

SHORTENING:  The term, shortening, means any fat used in doughs for pastry, breads, cookies, etc., or in batters for cakes, muffins, pancakes, etc. See Fats, Oils, Shortenings.

SHRED:  To cut or tear into small, long narrow pieces. The fineness varies - recipes will often say that foods should be "finely" or "coarsely" shredded. A knife may be used or a hand or mechanical shredder. Crisp vegetables, like cabbage may be cut to shreds with a sharp knife on a cutting board.

SHREWSBURY CAKES or COOKIES:  Crisp, crunchy rolled cookies, Originating in England, usually cut in a star-shape.

SHUCK:  A shuck is the shell of such shellfish as oysters and clams. Recipes will sometimes call for "shucked" oysters or clams, meaning shellfish which have been removed from their shells.

SIFT:  To put one or more dry ingredients like flour or sugar through a sifter or fine sieve to separate particles; to fluff those that tend to pack; to mix several kinds uniformly.

SILLABUB:  A dessert or beverage made of sweetened milk or cream mixed with wine or cider and beaten to a froth; also spelled syllabub. Sometimes it is combined with gelatin for a solid sillabub.


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