FOOD GLOSSARY - Crevette to Cumberland

CREVETTE:  Shrimp.

CRISP:  To make firm or brittle in cold water, as vegetables, or in moderate dry heat, as crackers.

CROISSANT (French):  Crescent; popularly applied to rolls shaped like crescents.

CROQUETTE:  A term derived from the French croquer, to crunch. It is usually a small, rounded or cone-shaped mass of chopped meat, fish, or vegetables, fried or baked to obtain a crisp coat.

CROUSTADE (French):  A box or basket shape cut from bread, usually toasted in the oven and used for serving creamed foods. It may also refer to a hollowed-out piece of fried bread or pastry shell, used for the same purpose.

CROUTONS:  Small cubes of toasted or fried bread often used as garnish for soups or salads.

CROWN ROAST:  A rib roast of lamb, mutton, pork, or beef consisting of 7 to 14 ribs, sometimes an equal number of ribs from each side of the animal. The ribs are "Frenched" and formed into a circle, then sewed or skewered together to form a crown.

CRULLER:  From the Dutch word "krullen, meaning curled. A rich doughnut or fried cake, usually made with the dough twisted or curled.

CRUMPET:  A kind of unsweetened English breakfast or tea cake usually pitted with holes, making it ideal for toasting and buttering because its many holes readily absorb butter. It's very similar to an English muffin.

CRUSTACEAN:  Various shellfish with jointed shell, examples of which are shrimps and crabs.


CUBE:  To cube is just what it sounds like - to cut a solid into little cubes anywhere from ½ to 1 inch. Use a very sharp knife and a cutting board. Special cubing gadgets are sold. To dice is exactly the same process but the cubes are made smaller - less than ½ inch.

"CUBE" STEAKS:  Usually pieces of round steak put through a cube machine. This breaks the fibers and makes the steaks tender.

CUISINE (French):  Literally, kitchen. Cookery or a style of cooking.

CUMBERLAND:  Sauces named after an English duke. One is a rich sweet sauce, another is a cold sauce to serve with game, usually made of red currant jelly, port wine, and orange rind.


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