FOOD GLOSSARY - Gazpacho to Gluten

GAZPACHO (Spanish):  A cold dish of raw vegetables; a cross between a soup and a salad.

GEFILTE FISH:  Literally "stuffed fish"; an old-time Jewish dish consisting of chopped fish mixed with, other ingredients, highly seasoned, and stuffed into the fish skin in the shape of a fish, into individual portions of the fish skin, or shaped into balls, then cooked. It is now commonly sold in the form of fish balls, packed in glass jars. Served with prepared horseradish.

GELATIN:  Gelatin is made from animal bones and tissues (a similar product also made from vegetables). When the term "gelatin" is used in a recipe without further description, it means granulated unsweetened and unflavored gelatin. To use, first soften it in a small amount of cold liquid for about 5 minutes, then dissolve it in a hot liquid or over hot water. To hasten setting, part of the liquid added after softening may be cold. One envelope unflavored gelatin is equivalent to 1 tablespoon and is enough to set 2 cups of liquid. Remember to count the cold liquid you used for softening as part of the total liquid. Gelatin desserts (flavored gelatin) are mixtures of plain gelatin, sugar, fruit acids, flavors, and coloring. Dissolve it in hot liquid. Use 2 cups of liquid to 1 package of gelatin dessert or as instructed on the package.

GELÊE (French):  Jelly or jellied

GENEVOISE ( French):  Geneva style. A brown sauce with red wine, butter, and various seasonings added. Served with fish.

GENOISE:  Pertaining to Genoa. A superb butter cake popular in France and Italy.

GERMAN SALAD DRESSING:  Bacon fried crisp and chopped fine, seasoned with vinegar and pepper; to be served hot.

GHEE:  A clarified butter used in India, considered choicer as it ages as much as 10 years. It is one of the commonest articles of diet in India, and is used extensively in all forms of cooking.

GHERKIN:  A small, prickly variety of cucumber or the immature fruit of the common cucumber, used for pickling.

GIBLETS:  Most frequently applied to the heart, liver, and gizzard of poultry; however, the term may be applied to the above parts and to such trimmings as the neck, tips of wings, and the feet.

GINGERBREAD:  A molasses cake which may be either hard or soft, usually the latter.

GLACÉ (French):  1. Having a smooth, glossy surface; 2. Covered with icing or sugar, as candied fruits; 3. Frozen or iced. See Glaze.

GLAZE:  1. To coat with a thin sugar syrup cooked to crack stage. 2. To give vegetables a brown coating (glazed vegetables) produced by cooking in sugar and fat. 3. To coat meats with a sauce made from brown stock evaporated until thick.

GLUTEN:  A gray, sticky, nutritious substance found in wheat flour, which gives dough its tough, elastic quality.


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