FOOD GLOSSARY - Mead to Milk

MEAD:  A drink of fermented honey and water.

MEAL:  Any grain, coarsely ground.

MEAT EXTRACT PASTE:  Extract of meat, concentrated to a paste, with seasoning added.

MEAT GLAZE:  Stock boiled down to jelly stage. Commercial products are available.

MEAT JUICE:  The liquid contained in the meat fibers. It is expressed from slightly heated meat. It is high in flavor and contains some food value.

MEAT SAUCE, BOTTLE THICK:  Any bottled meat or steak sauce, such as A.1., Heinz Beefsteak Sauce, etc., of rather thick consistency.

MEAT TENDERIZERS:  These are commercial preparations containing papain, the dried juice of the papaya (a melon-like fruit). This substance, which is harmless to the human digestive system, tenderizes meats by the action of the enzymes it contains. They should be used in accordance with directions on the labels to improve the tenderness and palatability of less-tender cuts of meat such as chuck steaks or shoulder chops. Such relatively inexpensive cuts of meat are as nutritious as the more expensive cuts and often just as flavorsome. The meat tenderizers are well worth trying on them.

MEDALLION:  A small round shape, usually a meat fillet prepared in this shape.

MELBA:  The name of a famous Australian operatic star who died in 1931, Dame Nellie Melba, who gave her name to many dishes. The most famous is Peach Melba, originally made in her honor by the great French chef Escoffier. This dish consists of halves of peaches on a layer of ice cream covered with a raspberry sauce. Nowadays almost any fruit is served in the same way. Melba toast is bread sliced 1/8 inch thick and toasted until very crisp and dry.

MELTED FAT:  Fat heated in small saucepan over low heat until melted. Salad oil may be used in recipes that call for melted fat.

MERINGUE (French):  Stiffly beaten egg whites sweetened and flavored if desired and baked to a delicate brown. It is used on pastry, puddings, cakes, and other desserts, and as small cakes (kisses). It is also made in the form of shells which are filled with ice cream.

MEUNIÈRE (French):  A sauce of browned butter, poured over cooked fish, then sprinkled with a little lemon juice and with chopped parsley.

MIGNON (French):  Small; dainty; pretty; filet mignon: A small choice fillet of meat, most often applied to beef tenderloin.

MILANAISE (French):  From Milan. It frequently implies the use of macaroni and Parmesan cheese with a suitable sauce.

MILK:  Everyone needs milk every day, so never skimp on that daily quota. Children should have three to four glasses a day; adults two to three glasses. Pregnant and nursing mothers need more than other adults. Milk products whose value is equivalent to fresh whole milk can be used for part or all of the requirement.

Buttermilk:  This is the liquid left after churning butter, or made by using a culture. Fine for drinking, cooking, baking, and reducing.


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