FOOD GLOSSARY - Confectioner's Sugar to Swiss Steak

Confectioner's or Powdered Sugar:  These are granulated sugars pulverized and screened to a desired fineness. There is no exact and uniform terminology. Some brands indicate the degree of fineness with X's on the packages. The more X's, the finer the sugar. Some brands may even refer to a super-fine granulated sugar as "powdered" sugar. Very fine confectioners' sugar may be pure sugar or sugar mixed with a very small percentage of cornstarch to keep it from caking. These sugars are used for frostings, quick candies, and for dusting cakes, cookies, pastries, doughnuts, candies, etc.

Brown Sugar:  These sugars have varying amounts of molasses in them which gives them their color. They may be variously named as "yellow," "golden brown," "light brown," and "dark" or "old-fashioned" brown. The molasses flavor increases with color. The light brown sugars have more delicate flavors and are desirable for general cookery. The darker brown sugars impart more color and flavor, and are desirable for such foods as baked beans, baked hams, and other cookery where more intensity of molasses flavor is preferred.

SUISSE, Á LA (French):  Swiss style.

SUKI YAKI:  Popular Japanese dish consisting of thin strips of lean beef, pork, or chicken with such vegetables as mushrooms, green onions, celery or bamboo shoots, etc. It is seasoned with soy sauce. Usually cooked at the dining table and served with rice.

SULTANA RAISINS:  Raisins from seedless grapes.

SÜLZE:  German for "in aspic" -that is, jellied; also the name of an old-time Jewish dish, a calves foot jelly also known as "pitcha."

SUNDAE:  Ice cream served with a sauce or syrup poured over it; nuts or fruit may be added.

SUNSHINE CAKE:  A yellow sponge cake, usually using more whites than yolks of eggs.

SUPRÊME (French):  Superb quality, delicate and refined, hence the most delicate portion of meat, such as beef tenderloin, breast of chicken, etc.; also various delicate dishes such as delicate desserts.

SUPRÊME DE VOLAILLE (French):  Breast of chicken.

SUPRÊME SAUCE (French):  A rich-flavored white sauce made with a reduced (condensed) chicken stock and cream. Served hot with seafood and poultry.

SWEDISH MEAT BALLS:  Small well-seasoned meat balls, usu ally of beef and pork, served with a gravy.

SWEETBREADS:  These are the pancreas (stomach sweetbread) and the thymus (neck or throat sweetbread), considered a great delicacy by many people. Sweetbreads are a delicate, tender meat. Veal sweetbreads are the most popular; however, lamb and beef sweetbreads are found in some markets.

SWISS FONDUE:  A hot mixture of melted cheese and wine, usually served in a chafing dish with chunks of French bread to be dunked in it.

SWISS STEAK:  Round steak cut thick, pounded with flour, braised with or without vegetables.


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