FOOD GLOSSARY - Ketchup to Kolacky

KETCHUP (Also spelled catsup):  A thick, highly seasoned relish made by cooking, then straining, fruits or vegetables. Many kinds of ketchup are made; however, the name is popularly used to apply to tomato ketchup.

KETTLE:  A covered or uncovered metal cooking utensil with a bail handle. The capacity is stated in liquid measurement.

KIASERSCHMARRN:  A type of dessert omelet from central Europe.

KIPPERED:  The origin of this term is uncertain although some believe it to be of Scotch origin, originally applied to salmon. It now refers to a method of preserving fish by splitting, salting, and smoking.

KISHKE:  Beef intestine, stuffed with various savory fillings and roasted. The most common filling is made of flour and fat seasoned with onions, salt, and pepper; an old-time Jewish dish. Sometimes called Stuffed Derma.

KISSES:  Small cookies (meringues) made of whites of eggs and powdered sugar.

KLÖSSE (German):  Dumplings.

KNAIDLACH OR KNOEDEL:  Old-time Jewish style dumplings. Knoedel is also a German term for dumpling.

KNEAD:  Kneading is a process of mixing, in the home usually done by hand. You knead to insure complete mixing, to make some doughs or mixtures smooth and elastic. To knead yeast dough, shape it first into a ball. Then, using both hands press down with the heels of palms and push dough away from you. Do this twice with quick, even pressure. Give dough a quarter turn and repeat the pushing process. Keep turning and pushing until dough is smooth and satiny. To knead stiff candy, the mixture is worked into a mass, then pushed and pressed the same way until it's smooth and combined.

KNISHES:  Baked or fried dumplings or patties, frequently served with soup. Among the most popular knishes are those made of a thinly rolled or stretched dough with fillings of chopped, seasoned meat, mashed potatoes, or kasha. An old-time Jewish dish.

KOCH KAESE:  German boiled cheese.

KOENIGSBERGER KLOPS:  A type of German style meat balls.

KOHLRABI:  A kind of cabbage with a turnip-like thickened stem or root. The young, tender leaves are eaten as greens but the root is the more desirable part.

KOLACKY:  Also spelled in other ways such as kolachy and kolachen, this term refers to round buns topped with a fruit, cheese, or poppyseed filling, or filled bun squares. Originally a Bohemian dessert bread, now popular in other European countries and in the United States.


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