FOOD GLOSSARY - Piece De Resistance to Pluck

PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE (French):  The main course or dish of a meal.

PIGEONS:  These are classed as squabs if young, or as pigeons if mature. See Squab.

PIGS IN BLANKETS (Also called angels on horseback.):  Oysters rolled in bacon and broiled or cooked in a small amount of fat.

PILAU, PILAF, PILAFF, OR PILAW:  Rice cooked in the Oriental manner, often cooked with meat, poultry, or fish. It is. highly seasoned, sometimes with curry.

PIMIENTO:  Sweet red pepper, the kind from which paprika is made. Also the canned red peppers.

PINE NUT (Also called Indian nut, pignon, pinon, and pignolia.):  A tiny nut with a thin shell and a sweet, delicate flavor; found in the cones of certain pines and removed by roasting.

PINTO BEAN (Also called Mexican bean.):  Speckled Mexican and southwestern dried beans.

PIQUANTE:  May refer to anything with a sharp, highly seasoned, agreeable flavor, often applied to sauces. Piquante sauce is a highly seasoned brown sauce.

PISTACHIO:  The kernel of the fruit of the pistachio tree grown in sub-tropical countries as in parts of Asia and the Mediterranean regions, also to a limited extent in California. It is prized for its delicate flavor and pale green color, especially for confections, ice creams, and bakedgoods; Salted in the shell, it is used as a dessert nut.

PIZZA:  The Italian word for pie, so that when you incorrectly say "pizza pie" you are saying "pie pie." This Italian specialty is now the rage of this country. It is a yeast dough bottom crust pie with tomatoes, two kinds of cheese (mozzarella is characteristic), oregano, and sometimes sausage or anchovies and unlimited other ingredients. It is eaten hot, usually with the fingers.

PIZZAIOLA (Italian):  Literally "pizza style," and usually suggests piquancy and sharpness.

PLANK:  To broil and serve (meat or fish) on a board made for the purpose.

PLANTAIN:  Any of a number of related plants some of which are used for greens. Also a banana-like fruit of the tropics, usually picked somewhat green and cooked before eating. To fry, cut green plantains in very thin slices. Drop into deep hot fat; fry like potato chips. Drain on paper; sprinkle with salt. They should be very crisp even when cold. The plantain is has better flavor when the outer skin or peel is more black than green.

PLOMBIÈRE (French):  A frozen dessert made of ice cream with candied fruit, and whipped cream.

PLUCK:  Term applied by the English to heart, liver, and lungs of animals. We call them variety or specialty meats. Also, the act of removing or "plucking" feathers from fowl.


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