FOOD GLOSSARY - Mousseline Sauce to Lobster Newburg

MOUSSELINE SAUCE:  Hollandaise sauce with whipped cream added. (Sometimes mayonnaise with whipped cream.) Used on asparagus, broccoli, and other vegetables.

MULLED WINE:  Hot spiced wine.

MULLIGATAWNY SOUP:  An East Indian soup made of meats, curry, and other spices.

MUSH:  A cooked granular cereal. Most often it refers to corn meal.

MUSKRAT:  The fur-bearing muskrat lives on water plants, and this diet produces succulent meat that can be prepared in any of the ways suggested for hare and rabbit. The meat is usually cut up and soaked overnight in salted water before cooking.

MUSSEL:  A form of shellfish belonging to the mollusk family. The salt water varieties are most used in this country.

MUTTON:  The meat of the sheep one year or more of age.

NAPOLEONS:  A French pastry made of layers of flaky puff pastry put together with a cream filling between and a thin frosting or powdered sugar on top.

NASTURTIUM:  A rather common flower, the leaves of which are sometimes used in salads or to flavor jelly or sauces. The seeds are pickled and used as a substitute for capers.

NATUREL (French):  Natural; au naturel: in plain or simple style.

NAVARIN (French):  Lamb or mutton stew, usually with turnips.

NEAPOLITAN:  (Sometimes also called harlequin.) Usually refers to layered brick ice cream in different flavors. The name is sometimes applied to a gelatin mold arranged in layers of different colors.

NECTARINE:  A variety of smooth-skinned peach that looks like a cross between a peach and a plum, not usually as flavorsome and juicy as a peach. Peaches and nectarines may grow on the same tree.

NESSELRODE:  Traditionally this name is applied to a frozen pudding made with chestnuts, fruit, and cream, named after an early 19th century Russian statesman of German descent, Count Karl Robert Nesselrode. The name, however, is also applied to various other desserts and dessert sauces and especially to a pie made with a custard base flavored with rum, containing preserved fruits and usually topped with shaved chocolate.

NEWBURG:  Served in a Newburg sauce, which is a rich cream sauce with egg yolks and sherry. Usually lobster is served this way but other dishes may have Newburg sauce.

Lobster Newburg originally was Lobster Wenburg, a specialty at the famous Delmonico restaurant in New York. It was named for Delmonico's friend and customer, Gus Wenburg, a fruit importer. When the two friends had a falling out, Delmonico reversed the spelling. Originally rum, not sherry, was used.


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