FOOD GLOSSARY - Pretzel to Quiche Lorraine

PRETZEL (German):  A hard, brittle biscuit made from slender rolls of dough heavily sprinkled with salt and usually baked in the form of a loose knot.

PRICKLY PEAR:  A pear-shaped cactus fruit with a spine-covered skin. The pulp is refreshing but seedy. It is often used to make jams.

PROFITEROLES (French):  Small cream puffs the size of a walnut which may be filled with cream or custard to serve as a dessert, or with meat and other fillings to serve with soups or as an appetizer.

PROSCIUTTO:  A highly spiced, ready-to-eat Italian style ham. Paper-thin slices are nice to serve as an appetizer when wrapped around chunks of melon.

PROVENÇALE (French):  Provincial style, that is, prepared with herbs, garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.

PTARMIGAN:  Any of several varieties of northern grouse, having feathered legs and feet and undergoing seasonal changes of color; highly prized game birds.

PULLED BREAD:  Fresh bread with crusts removed. Pulled in pieces and browned in oven.

PULLET:  A female chicken of 1 to 6 pounds ready-to-cook weight (depending upon the breed), that is in the first six months of egg production. It is usually plump and juicy, and generally fine. Pullets can be fried or roasted, but usually are stewed, fricasseed, or used in chicken pie, creamed chicken, etc.

PUMPERNICKEL (German):  A coarse, dark brown bread made of unsifted rye.

PUNCH:  A sweetened drink flavored with fruit juices, spices, etc., often mixed with wine or liquor. The name is derived from a Hindu name for a beverage containing five ingredients.

PUNGENT:  A term implying agreeably sharp or acrid, when applied to taste or smell.

PURU (French):  To puree means to rub soft-cooked food through a medium-to-coarse sieve to get uniform texture of smaller particles. The product is sometimes called "sieved." The term is also used for a thick soup with pureed food in it.

PURSLANE:  A wild and cultivated plant with thick, fleshy stalks and leaves, sometimes used in salad or cooked as a vegetable.

QUAHAUG (Also spelled quahog.):  Indian name for a hard round clam of the Atlantic coast of North America.

QUENELLES (French):  Tiny dumplings made of a pounded or finely ground meat or fish, used as a garnish for soups or other foods.

QUEUE (French):  Tail. Queue de boeuf: oxtail.

QUICHE LORRAINE (French):  A famous open-faced custard cheese pie with chopped bacon (sometimes ham) added, usually served as a luncheon dish.


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