FOOD GLOSSARY - Honey to Huile

HONEY:  Honey is a natural sugar manufactured by the honey bee. Its flavor and color depend on the flowers from whose nectar it was made. Dandelion, heather, white clover, and buckwheat are examples.

Comb Honey:  Honey sold in the comb. It is sometimes cut into small pieces, packaged, and sold as cut comb honey.

Chunk Honey:  Consists of pieces of comb placed in glass jars with enough extracted honey added to fill.

Extracted Honey:  Liquid honey which has been removed from the comb. Granulated and solidly crystallized honey are also available.

HONEYDEW MELON:  A melon almost round in shape, with a thin greenish-white, somewhat warted skin and a sweet flesh from white to green in color.

HOOTSLA:  A Pennsylvania-Dutch dish consisting of bread cubes which are first browned in butter, then a mixture of beaten eggs, milk, and seasoning is poured over and fried until brown.

HONGROISE, À LA (French):  Hungarian style. It usually refers to a paprika sauce, pink or red, depending upon the amount of paprika used, with chopped onion and sour cream. Served hot with fish, lamb, veal and poultry.

HOPPING JOHN:  A dish of rice and peas, native to South Carolina.

HOREHOUND or HOARHOUND:  A hardy perennial herb of the mint family long used medicinally, most £amous for the flavoring it imparts to horehound candy. The tender leaves and flowers may also be used discreetly (because of the bitter flavor) in seasoning cakes, cookies, meat stews. Makes a good herb tea.

HORS D´OEUVRE:  A French term which literally means "outside of work," hence served before a meal. The term is commonly accepted as the French word for appetizer, usually bite-size or two-bite size, of sharpflavored food.

HORSERADISH:  The potent-flavored root of a plant of the mustard family. Ground and mixed with vinegar and salt, it is a favorite seasoner for beef, corned beef, ham, or other meats, and an ingredient in many sauces.

HOSKA:  A sweet yeast bread with almonds and raisins, baked in the form of braids one on top of the other.

HOT CAKE:  A griddle cake.

HOT CROSS BUNS:  Sweet, yeast-raised buns with raisins added, marked on top with a cross in dough or frosted cross; Lenten favorite.

HOT POT:  A form of meat stew.

HUILE (French):  Oil.


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