FOOD GLOSSARY - Salmis to Sauerbraten

SALMIS (French):  A type of hash or fricassee of game or poultry in a rich sauce, usually containing wine, truffles, mushrooms.

SALPICON (French):  Almost any kind of a mixture of food (fish, meat. poultry, or vegetables) cut into very small pieces or slices, and bound with sauce, used to fill bouchees, croustades, etc. Served as hors d'oeuvres.

SALSIFY:  A root vegetable with a long tapering root looking somewhat like a parsnip, also known as oyster plant or vegetable oyster because when cooked resembles oyster in flavor.

SALT FISH:  Fish preserved by salting, either with a dry salt or a brine.

SALT PORK:  Fat parts of the hog preserved in brine.

SALT RISING BREAD:  Bread leavened by microorganisms which have a yeast-like effect and produce a distinctive flavor.

SAMOVAR:  A metal urn with an internal tube for heating water in making tea; used especially in Russia. and generally heated by charcoal.

SANDWICH:  Sandwiches are said to have been named after John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792), who is supposed to have eaten slices of meat between hunks of bread in order not to leave the gambling table for meals.

SAND TARTS or WAFERS:  Small cookies often flavored with cinnamon, cut into round or fancy shapes, and sprinkled with sugar and sometimes cinnamon and nuts before baking.

SAPOTA or SAPODILLA PLUM:  Fruit of an evergreen shaped like a lemon with apricot colored pulp.

SARATOGA CHIPS:  Potatoes, sliced extremely thin, soaked in cold water, and fried in deep fat; actually, potato chips.

SARDINE:  Young of the pilchard, herring. and some other fish, fresh or canned.

SARMAS:  A dish favored in the Near East consisting of wilted grape leaves, stuffed with a well-seasoned, cooked meat mixture. They are then rolled and cooked in a tomato or other sauce.

SARSPARILLA:  A plant grown in Central and South America, whose roots are used to flavor carbonated drinks.

SASSAFRAS:  Dried root bark of sassafras tree, used commercially in soaps, insecticides, floor oils, etc., as a perfume ingredient, and in the manufacture of root beer.

SAUCISSON (French):  Sausage; saucisse: very small sausage.

SAUERBRATEN (German):  A German pot roast of beef which has been soaked (marinated) in spiced vinegar, cooked and served with a gingersnap gravy.


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