FOOD GLOSSARY - Ananas to Apple Snow

ANANAS (French):  Pineapple

ANCHOVY:  These are any of several very small fishes of the herring family found in warm seas, particularly the Mediterranean. Anchovies are usually salted, spiced, and canned in oil or made into a salty paste. Used as an appetizer and to flavor other foods, salads and sauces in particular.

ANCHOVY PEAR:  A West Indian fruit that tastes like a mango.

ANGEL FOOD CAKE:  A light, spongy, white cake made without shortening or egg yolks; also called angel cake or angel food. It originated in the United States.

ANGELICA:  An aromatic plant found in northern temperate regions. Young leaf stalks and midribs are candied for use in decorating cake and candy. It is also the name of a liqueur and a wine.

ANGELS ON HORSEBACK:  English name for oysters wrapped in bacon, then broiled and served on toast.

ANGLAISE (French):  English; in English style: it la Anglaise.

ANGOSTURA BITTERS:  A trade name for a bottled seasoning for drinks and some foods, made from herbs, roots, and barks by a secret formula.

ANISE:  A plant cultivated for its licorice-flavored seeds (aniseed) and their oil. It is much used in confections, breads, pastries, etc. Anise is also another name for the vegetable finocchio or fennel which has a licorice flavor.

ANTIPASTO (Italian):  Appetizer course consisting of cold spicy foods like anchovy, salami, hot peppers, olives, celery and other vegetables.

APÉRITIF (French):  An alcoholic beverage taken as an appetizer.

APFEL (German):  Apple; apfel kuchen: apple cake or tart; apfel strudel: a delicate pastry made of paper-thin dough covered with an apple filling, then rolled and baked.

APPLE PAN DOWDY:  A baked dessert, usually of sliced apples, molasses or brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, topped with a soft biscuit dough.

APPLE SNOW:  A whipped dessert of apple pulp and egg white.


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