FOOD GLOSSARY - Bombay Duck to Bouillabaise

BOMBAY DUCK:  This is not duck, but dried fish, used in Oriental cookery. Often served with curries.

BOMBE:  A dessert made by freezing one or more ices or ice creams in a round or melon-shaped mold.

BONBON:  A term frequently applied to candies made of or dipped in fondant.

BONE:  (In meat cookery) To bone meat is to remove the bone from it. This is usually done to make carving easier or to allow for stuffing.

BONITO:  Any of several fishes of the mackerel family. Canned bonito is somewhat like tuna.

BONNE FEMME (French):  Literally, good cooked in plain home style.

BORAGE:  A plant (herb) with large, hairy leaves and beautiful blue flowers, sometimes used in salads, mixed greens, to flavor soups and stews.

BORDELAISE SAUCE:  A brown sauce of meat stock, butter, onion or shallots, carrot, bay leaf, and other seasonings usually including red wine. Usually served with steak.

BORECOLE:  Another name for kale.

BORSHT (Also spelled borsch, bortsch, bortsh, borschch.):  Basically, any of a variety of soups originating in Russia, but popularly, a beet soup made with or without meat and served hot or cold. Often citric acid or lemon juice is added to give an acid taste. Beet borsht is usually served with thick sour cream. Cabbage or spinach borshts are popular variations of this dish.

BOSTON BAKED BEANS:  A New England dish of navy beans which is baked all day in an earthen- ware pot at a very low temperature. Seasoned with salt pork and molasses.

BOSTON BROWN BREAD:  A dark steamed bread originating and most used in New England. Usually a corn meal, rye, and whole wheat flour mixture sweetened with molasses.

BOSTON CREAM PIE:  Plain or sponge cake layers put together with a cream filling, often topped with confectioners' sugar or thin chocolate frosting.

BOUCHÉE (French):  Literally "mouthful." A small patty of light pastry usually filled with a savory creamed fish or meat mixture.

BOUILLABAISE:  An elaborate seafood stew or chowder made of many kinds of fish and shellfish (usually five or six), olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, and usually saffron. It is frequently seasoned with wine. It is a popular dish in the south of France and in New Orleans.


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