FOOD GLOSSARY - Snail to Spit

SNAIL:  Snails are any of a large number of mollusks living on land or in water and having a short, thick, wormlike body and protective shell, usually in spiral shape. Some kinds of snails are used as food. Large quantities are consumed in France (the French term for snails is ' "escargot") but the amount is gradually declining as modern taste sways away from their favor. The best of the edible snails is known as the Burgundy "large white." Most are gathered in vineyards, some are raised on special snail farms. The flavor is somewhat like that of an oyster and the food value is high. They come canned, too.

SNAP BEAN:  Another term for the string bean.

SOLE:  A European flatfish, supremely delicate, choice eating. "Dover" sole is usually imported; however, some is also caught off the North Pacific coast. Most of the fillets of sole found in our markets are not genuine sole, but from flounder, fluke, and other flat, white-fleshed fish found in our waters.

SORBET (French):  Another name for sherbet.

SORGHUM:  A syrup similar to molasses, but made from sorghum cane.

SORREL:  A plant with acid-tasting leaves which are used in salads and as greens. The French and other Europeans like it and make an interesting soup from it.

SOUBISE SAUCE (French):  A white sauce containing onions and sometimes parsley. Served hot over meats, such as lamb.

SOUFFLÉ:  Puffed up with air and eggs, from French souffler, meaning to blow. These delicate, fluffy baked dishes are made light by the addition of stiffly beaten egg whites before baking, and may be served as main dishes or desserts, depending on the ingredients added. There are cheese, vegetable, meat, poultry, fish souffles, and sweet ones for dessert.

SOUFFLÉ POTATOES:  Potato slices puffed up like little pillows, hollow inside; prepared by frying twice, at two different temperatures.

SOY or SOY BEANS:  The most nutritious of legumes, with a high protein content of good quality. They are edible but not much liked as beans, used in flour, oil, feed, and other commercial products. They are used extensively for food in the Far East.

SOY or SOY SAUCE:  A salty brown sauce made from soy beans, used in Oriental cooking.

SOYBEAN MILK:  A preparation made by boiling soybeans, crushing to a pulp, and straining the milk-like liquid obtained. It contains a certain amount of nutrients and has long been used in the Orient.

SPĂTZLE (German):  A type of dumpling made of flour.

SPIDER:  A castiron skillet or griddle, originally one with attached legs for use over an open fire.

SPIT:  A thin, pointed rod or bar on which food is placed and held to be broiled or roasted over a fire.


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