FOOD GLOSSARY - Harvard Beets to Hominy

HARVARD BEETS:  Beets in a sweet-sour sauce made with vinegar and sugar.

HASENPFEFFER:  German-style rabbit stew.

HASTY PUDDING:  New England term for corn meal mush.

HEADCHEESE:  A jellied loaf made of the head, including trimmings and sometimes the feet of a hog or calf, highly seasoned, and molded in its natural aspic.

HEARTS OF PALM:  Tender center hearts of young palmetto trees grown in Florida. A very delicate vegetable that comes canned, ready to use in salads, etc.

HERB BOUQUET:  A bunch of aromatic herbs used to flavor soups, stews, braised dishes, and sauces. Usually made with 3 to 4 sprigs of parsley, 1 sprig thyme, and ½ bay leaf, tied neatly together. Enclose fine, dry herbs in cheesecloth bag.

HERBS:  The term is applied to a wide variety of plants which are used for flavoring foods. "Pot herbs" are those which may be cooked as greens. "Sweet herbs" are the ones usually restricted to flavoring.

HERMITS:  Drop cookies with nuts and raisins in them.

HODGE PODGE:  A thick stew of various meats and vegetables, usually a brown stock stew with mutton and vegetables which needs stirring because it has little stock, and may stick. Some believe it to derive from a Scottish mispronunciation of the French hochepot (from hocher, mean- ing to stir).

HOE CAKE:  A thin bread made of corn meal once popular in the South. The name was acquired because of the custom of baking the bread on a hoe placed in hot ashes.

HOGSHEAD:  A liquid measure, especially one equal to 63 gallons. (52½ imperial gallons). It usually refers to a barrel helding that quantity. The reason for the name is uncertain.

HOLLANDAISE:  A butter, egg, and lemon juice sauce; nice to serve on fish, and green vegetables.

HOMARD (French):  Lobster

HOMINY:  This is hulled corn, coarsely broken or ground into small pieces of about the same size. Hominy, especially when it is very coarse, is sometimes called samp. Pearl hominy is whole grain hominy with the hulls removed by machinery. Lye hominy is whole grain hominy with the hulls removed by soaking in lye water. Granulated hominy is a ground form of hominy. Hominy grits are broken grains.


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