FOOD GLOSSARY - Johnny Cake to Kentucky Burgoo

JOHNNY CAKE:  A kind of corn bread. The name is thought by some to be a corruption of "journey cake," the kind of corn bread you could carry on your travels.

JUGGED HARE:  A rabbit stew.

JULEP:  A cold beverage with distinctive flavor; originally signified an alcoholic beverage: whisky, sugar, cracked ice, and mint.

JULE KAGA:  A Scandinavian sweet Christmas bread, yeast-raised.

JULIENNE (French):  Vegetables cut into match-like strips (large slivers); named for the French chef, Jean Julien who was fond of cutting thin strips of vegetables for his clear soup. It's an elegant way to serve some vegetables.

JUMBLES:  Name used for several kinds of English cookies.

JUNIPER BERRIES:  The berries of this evergreen may be used to flavor stuffings and sauces for meats and game. It is the flavoring ingredient for gin.

JUNKET:  A milk dessert, sweetened, flavored, and curdled or jellied by use of the commercial preparation of the enzyme, rennin; the term is also applied to commercial forms of the rennin enzyme.

JUS (French):  Juice or gravy; au jus: served in the natural juice or gravy.

KABOB (Also spelled kebab and cabob.):  Highly seasoned meat cooked on skewers with or without vegetables such as eggplant, green pepper, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. The name is derived from shish kebab, which refers to a Caucasian lamb dish popular in several countries of the Near East, traditionally prepared over an open fire, and originally, on a sword.

KALE:  A hardy nonheading cabbage with loose, spreading, curled leaves; cooked as a green.

KARTOFFEL (German) :  Potato. Kartoffel klosse: potato dumplings.

KASE (German) :  Cheese.

KASHA :  Russian term for buckwheat groats.

KEDGEREE:  A flaked fish hash with rice, of East Indian origin, where various forms of it are popular as curried dishes.

KENTUCKY BURGOO :  A thick stew of poultry, meats, and vegetables, usually made in large quantities to serve crowds at outdoor barbecues in Kentucky.


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