FOOD GLOSSARY - Dark Molasses to Mousse

Dark molasses is less sweet and has a stronger molasses taste. It is excellent for all cooking in which many spices are present, as in gingerbreads, Indian pudding, etc.

Blackstrap molasses tastes bitter, but contains more iron and calcium than higher grades. It is what's left after the better quality molasses has been drawn off, and is generally regarded as unfit for human consumption except by certain food faddists. It is used for cattle feeding and industrial purposes, and is sold at "health stores" and some groceries.

Old-fashioned molasses is made by a special process. It is unsulfured and has a distinctive flavor.

MOLÊ:  A highly seasoned Latin American onion and tomato sauce for chicken with one odd ingredient-chocolate.

MOLLET (French):  Soft, as applied to soft-cooked eggs-oeufs mollet.

MOLLUSK:  Shellfish with unsegmented shells, including snails, clams, oysters. Lobsters, shrimp, crabs are not mollusks, but crustaceans.

MONGOL or MONGOLE:  Mongolian style; usually refers to a split pea soup with tomatoes and thin strips (julienne) of vegetables, known as puree mongole.

MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE:  A white crystalline substance - the Oriental "white powder" long used in Japan, where it is known as Ajinomoto. It is a vegetable protein derivative which emphasizes the natural flavors in food without adding any flavor, color, or aroma of its own. It may be used as a basic seasoning like salt and pepper to improve fish, meat, poultry flavors. It works flavor miracles in vegetables, soups, sauces, in casseroles and many "made dishes." Monosodium glutamate is sold under various trade names; however one brand, Ac'cent, is so widely distributed that the name is now frequently used in recipes. You may also see monosodium glutamate referred to in recipes as "MSG."

MOREL:  Edible fungus of the truffle family, usually classed with mushrooms since it grows above, not beneath the ground like a truffle.

MORNAY SAUCE:  A white sauce with sharp cheese and sometimes egg yolks added. Probably named for Phillippe de Mornay, prime minister of France under Henry IV. Served hot over shellfish, eggs, and some vegetables.

MORTADELLA:  A large, smoked Italian sausage.

MOSTACCIOLI (Italian):  A hollow, tubular macaroni product cut obliquely about 2½ inches long.

MOUSAKA or MUSSACA:  An Oriental dish often made of lamb and vegetables.

MOUSSE (French):  A name applied to jellied or frozen dishes of a light, airy texture, usually containing beaten egg whites or whipped cream. These include frozen desserts which sometimes have gelatin added, as well as fish mousses, ham mousses, chicken mousses. The name is sometimes incorrectly applied to some pudding-like hot dishes.


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