FOOD GLOSSARY - Brioche to Brunoise

BRIOCHE:  A very light, rich yeast roll, popular in France as a breakfast roll. Usually a little ball of dough tops a larger ball before baking so you get a bun with a little "hat" on it.

BRITTLE:  A test used in sugar cookery: it has the same meaning as crack; also a very hard, brittle candy, as peanut brittle.

BROCHETTE (French):  A small skewer. En brochette: Broiled or served on a skewer.

BROIL:  To cook by exposing to direct heat, usually in a broiler or over coals. The recommended method is to use constant moderate temperatures. See also Pan-Broil; Barbecue; Toast.

BROTH:  Clear soup, obtained by simmering meat, poultry, game, fish, or shellfish, in water, generally with the addition of vegetables or herbs, then removing fat and straining.

BROWN BETTY:  Fruit pudding with breadcrumbs, spices, and sweetening.

BROWN SAUCE:  Sauce in which the fat is allowed to brown before adding flour, which is allowed to brown before adding liquid. See Roux.

BROWN STEW:  Stew in which the meat is browned in fat before liquid is added.

BRULÉ (French):  Burnt; usually applied to caramelized sugar, as Créme Brûlé, a rich creamy molded pudding with a top coating of caramelized sugar.

BRUNOISE (French):  From Brunoy, a district in France noted for its fine spring vegetables. This term describes the process of cutting fresh vegetables into tiny cubes, rounds, or various other uniform shapes and cooking them in beef, poultry, or fish stock until tender. They are drained well and added to any kind of clear or semiclear soup.


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