FOOD GLOSSARY - Pemmican to Pickle

PEMMICAN (Also spelled pemican):  As made originally by the American Indian it was dried venison pounded into a paste with fat and berries and made into cakes. Now similar cakes are made of beef and dried fruits. It will keep a long time, and has been used by arctic explorers because of this.

PENNYROYAL:  A member of the mint family which grows along the ground instead of standing erect. Used for an herb tea, sometimes for soups and stews.

PEPPERCORN:  The whole dried berry of the pepper plant before grinding.

PEPPERONI:  A highly spiced (peppered) sausage, of the salami type.

PEPPERPOT:  The famous Pennsylvania pepperpot soup is made with tripe and lots of pepper. There is also a West Indian pepperpot stew of fish and meat, with chilies and other vegetables, flavored with the condiment cassareep made from the cassava plant. In modified versions it is popular in some parts of the United States.

PÉRIGORD:  The name of a region in France noted for its truffles. On a menu, it indicates a dish prepared with truffles, as Périgourdine sauce, a rich brown sauce with truffles and wine.

PÉRIGUEUX:  Chief town of the Perigord region in France; "à la Périgueux" indicates a truffle sauce for the dish it refers to on the menu. Périgueux sauce is a thick brown sauce made with tomatoes, madeira wine, and truffles.

PERSIAN MELON:  A round melon that resembles a very large cantaloupe; it has slightly flattened ends, yellow-green rind with a heavy netting, and pink flesh.

PERSILLADE (French):  Prepared with parsley, as potatoes persillade.

PERSIMMON:  There are two distinct types, the American or wild persimmon of the South (sometimes cultivated) and the Japanese persimmon grown in California. Both are tree fruits which are sour and astringent when under-ripe. Both must be completely ripe to the point where they begin to look spoiled to be edible. The Japanese persimmon is larger in size, contains less seeds with a larger amount of edible flesh, a beautiful deep orange in color. The wild persimmon ripens to a date-like sweetness. Both make fine cakes, puddings, sauces and preserves.

PETITE MARMITE:  A classic French meat-vegetable soup served in individual earthenware bowls or marmites. Beef marrow is added just before serving and the soup is garnished with toast and cheese.

PETITS FOURS (French):  Individual, small, fancy iced-all-over cakes in various shapes. Frosting is poured on, decorations added. Served at tea parties or as a dessert accompaniment with ice cream or fruit.

PFEFFERNOSSE (German):  Peppernuts. Hard Christmas cookies, about the size of large nut, heavily spiced, sometimes including black pepper.

PICCALILLI (Also called Indian pickle):  A relish, originally East Indian, made of chopped vegetables including cucumbers, cabbage, green tomatoes, peppers, onions, celery, mustard, vinegar, and hot spices.

PICKLE:  This means any brine, vinegar, or spicy solution used to preserve or flavor food, or a vegetable preserved in such a solution.


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