FOOD GLOSSARY - Tabasco to Tempura

TABASCO:  A trade name for a very hot liquid pepper seasoning, called in full Tabasco sauce, made from a kind of pepper. It's used in small quantities for seasoning many foods.

TABLE D'HÔTEL (French):  Literally, the "table of the host or innkeeper." A complete meal of a definite number of courses, as specified on the menu, for a set price.

TACO:  Tortillas wrapped around meat, fish, beans, or other food, usually fried in deep fat, sometimes baked. The taco may be considered the Mexican national sandwich.

TAGLIARINI:  Italian paste of the macaroni family, in ribbons.

TAMALE:  A Mexican dish of minced meat and corn meal, highly seasoned with red pepper, wrapped in corn husks, dipped in oil, and steamed. American versions are usually baked in casseroles.

TAMARIND:  The fruit of an East Indian tropical tree used in preserves and chutneys.

TANGELO:  Citrus fruit; cross between tangerine and grapefruit.

TANGERINE:  A small, loose-skinned orange with a deep reddish-yellow color and segments that are easily separated.

TAPIOCA:  A starchy substance prepared from the root of the cassava plant, used to prepare puddings, thicken soups, etc. It is marketed in two forms: quick-cooking tapioca and pearl tapioca.

TARO:  A tropical plant with a starchy edible root; Hawaiian poi is made from this root.

TART:  This term means sharp in taste, sour, acid. In pastry-making, as the term was originally used in Europe, it referred to any open-faced fruit pie. As used nowadays in the United States, the term means a small pastry, usually fruit-filled; actually a tiny pie with no top crust or only part of one.

TARTAR SAUCE:  Mayonnaise with various additions such as lemon juice, chopped olives, chives, parsley, etc. Served with fried fish, scallops, etc. When served hot, tartar sauce may have white sauce added.

TARTE (French):  Pie; tart.

TARTELETTE (French):  A little tart.

TASSE (French):  Cup. Demi-tasse: half a cup; en tasse: in a cup.

TEIGLACH:  A Jewish holiday confection made of pieces of dough cooked in honey.

TEMPURA:  A Japanese-style of serving shrimp. Cleaned, raw shrimp are dipped in an egg batter, and deep-fat fried. Served with soy sauce or mustard.


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