FOOD GLOSSARY - Gluten Bread to Green Onion

GLUTEN BREAD:  A yeast bread made from flour rich in gluten and low in starch; formerly much eaten by diabetics.

GNOCCHI:  Italian food which may be potato dumplings, corn meal mush, or farina squares baked with cheese sauce.

GOLDEN BUCK:  A variation of Welsh Rabbit; it may be topped with a poached egg.

GOOBER:  A peanut; the term is believed to be of African origin.

GOULASH:  A thick Hungarian stew made of beef or veal and vegetables seasoned with paprika.

GOURMAND OR GORMAND:  A person who likes and is a judge of fine foods. In this sense it is similar to an epicure or gourmet; however, another meaning that is popularly used is "a glutton, one who is gluttonous in his eating." A comedian once defined the word as "a pig with an ascot tie."

GOURMET (French):  Originally a wine taster, now an epicure; a person who likes and is a judge of fine foods and drinks.

GRAHAM FLOUR:  According to a Federal ruling, the same as whole wheat and entire wheat flour; formerly a wheat flour made by grinding the cleaned whole grain. It was named after Sylvester Graham (1794-1851), an American who advocated the use of coarsely-ground whole wheat flour, as a health measure. The term is not used much any more.

GRANADILLA:  A tropical fruit also known as passion fruit, used for jelly and as a base for fruit punch.

GRATE:  To rub on a grater so as to tear off coarse-to-fine particles of food. The degrees of fineness in grating vary from coarse shreds of cheese to powder-fine-nutmeg. You can use either one of the hand graters or get a mechanical gadget to do your grating for you.

GRAVY:  The juice given off by meat in cooking; a sauce made from the fat or stock in which meat has been cooked.

GRAVY BOAT:  A dish for serving gravy; so called from its shape.

GRAVY, BOTTLED SAUCE FOR:  A sauce, such as Gravy Master, Kitchen Bouquet, etc., that gives rich brown color and flavor to gravies and sauces.

GREASE:  To rub a thin film of cooking fat or oil over surface of frying pan, cake pan, griddle, etc., before it is used.

GRENADINE SYRUP:  A syrup made from pomegranate, used for flavoring some beverages.

GREEN ONION:  Also called scallion; a young green onion that doesn't develop a bulb.


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