FOOD GLOSSARY - Whole Wheat Shreds to Cheese

Whole Wheat Shreds:  Made from selected soft winter wheat, cleaned, rolled, mixed with malt flavoring, sugar and salt. This is cooked for several hours, ground, and passed between grooved rolls to form ribbon-like shreds which are dried and toasted.

Whole Bran:  Made from an excellent quality of bran from soft winter wheat. It is cleaned, cooked with flavorings, dried, finely shredded, and toasted.

CHANTILLY:  A name derived from a castle north of Paris, applied to anything served with sweetened and flavored whipped cream.

CHAMPIGNONS (French):  Mushrooms

CHAPON (French):  A crust or cube of bread usually rubbed with garlic and tossed with salad to give it flavor. Caesar salad is made with chapons. Also the French term for capon.

CHARD:  A kind of leaf beet grown for the leaves and stalks, used as a green vegetable. Also called Swiss chard.

CHARLOTTE (French):  (Also called charlotte russe.) A cold dessert made of milk, gelatin, sugar, whipped cream, and flavering, usally stiffened in a form lined with lady fingers, cake, or graham cracker crumbs, etc.

CHAROSES :  A mixture of nuts, apples, and wine served by Jewish people as part of dinner on the eve of first two days of their Passover holiday. It symbolizes the mortar used by the Israelite slaves in the erection of the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

CHASSEUR (French) :  Hunter; a dish prepared "hunter's style," usually a braised meat, chicken, or game with mushrooms. It may be written "a la chasseur."

CHATEAU BRIAND(French) :  A cut from the thickest part of the filet of beef (tenderloin). Weighs 1 to 2 pounds, and is grilled or sauteed rare and served with a sauce. Also a brown sauce with lemon juice, wine, shallots, etc.

CHAUD-FROID :  Literally French for hot-cold; a jellied mayonnaise or aspic coating for meats and fish.

CHAYOTE:  A tender pear-shaped squash with one elongated edible seed. The meat is pale green much like the honeydew melon. It is served like summer squash.

CHEESE:  Cheese is a highly nutritious and palatable food. It is of value in the diet because it contains in condentrated form almost all the protein and usually most of the fat, as well as essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients of milk.

Cheese is made wherever animals are milked and produce more milk than the people use in fluid form. Most cheese is made from cow's milk, simply be- cause cows are milked more generally. throughout the world than other animals. Smaller quantities are made from the milk of goats and ewes. Cheese is also made in some countries from the milk of other animals, such as camels, asses, mares, buffalo, and reindeer.

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