FOOD GLOSSARY - Beef A La Mode to Blackstrap Molasses

BEEF À LA MODE:  A well-larded piece of beef cooked slowly in a little water with vegetables; similar to braised beef.

BEEF EXTRACT:  A beef preparation made from concentrated beef broth from which the fat and protein may be almost entirely removed. It therefore lacks food value but is used for its flavor.

BEEF STROGANOFF:  Tender beef, usually beef tenderloin, cut into small pieces and sauteed; served in sauce made of onions, mushrooms, and sour cream.

BEIGNET (French):  A fritter.

BERGAMOT:  A perennial herb of the mint family, often used to make a tea. Also a type of citrus whose thin, yellow rind yields an oil used in some perfumes.

BEURRE (French):  Butter; au beurre noir: with black butter (it's not really black, just browned or scorched slightly in a pan). It makes a nice sauce for fish and vegetables, especially with lemon.

BEURRE FONDUE (French):  Melted butter.

BIBB LETTUCE:  Limestone lettuce; small, very tender heads.

BIGARADE:  French for Seville or bitter orange. Bigarade sauce is orange sauce for poultry and game, especially roast duck.

BIRD:  This is a general term applied to poultry and game birds. It also refers to "meat birds," a dish made in various ways but usually consisting of stuffed thin oblong pieces of beef or veal, rolled, and tied or skewered. They are then coated with flour, browned, and cooked in a small amount of liquid.

BIRD'S NEST SOUP:  An Oriental soup thickened with the mucilaginous substance a certain species of birds ("swifts") use to stick their nests together.

BISCUIT OR BISQUE TORTONI:  A frozen dessert, named for its Italian creator, made with whipped cream, toasted almonds, sherry, and macaroon crumbs. It's usually frozen in individual paper cases.

BISMARCK HERRING:  The fillets of herring are pickled with their roe in a mixture of white wine and vinegar, seasoned with onions, salt, and whole black peppers. They are served as an appetizer.

BISQUE:  A rich cream soup often made from shellfish; also a type of frozen dessert containing nuts and macaroons.

BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES :  The poorest grade of molasses.


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