FOOD GLOSSARY - Cockie-Leekie to Consomme

COCKIE-LEEKIE:  A Scotch soup, the chief ingredients of which are chicken or other poultry and leeks with suitable seasonings; also spelled cock-a-leekie.

COCOTTE (French):  A covered casserole of earthenware or sometimes porcelain. Small cocottes generally are used for such dishes as baked (shirred) eggs. Larger sizes are used for chicken and other entrees. Foods en cocotte, should be served from the dish.

CODDLE:  To cook gently, as an egg, by heating in water just below the boiling point.

COEUR (French):  Heart. Coeur à la crème, cottage cheese molded in heart-shaped basket, garnished with fresh berries and mint or parsley.

COLBERT:  A sauce made with maitre d'hotel sauce, beef extract, and chopped tarragon. Served with fish. Probably named after the 17th century French statesman, Jean Baptiste Colbert.

COLCANNON:  Irish dish of potatoes, salt pork, cabbage. It is similar in character to the English dish called, "Bubble and Squeak."

COLE SLAW:  From the Dutch words for cabbage and salad and refers to a salad of finely cut cabbage. It is sometimes erroneously written "cold-slaw."

COLLARDS:  A member of the cabbage family resembling kale. The leaves are used as greens while young and tender.

COLLOP:  A small slice or piece of anything, especially thin, boneless pieces of meat, often dipped in diluted egg, then in crumbs, and sauteed.

COMPOTE:  A mixture of stewed fruit, often dried, but whole or halved with special attention given to retaining their shape. Served cold in a syrup.

CON CARNE (Spanish):  With meat.

CONDÉ (French):  A stewed fruit served with rice.

CONDIMENT:  A seasoning or relish for food, as pepper, mustard, sauces, etc.

CONFECTION:  A synonym for candy, but it is often used to include a wide range of sweet foods.

CONFITURE (French):  Jam.

CONNECTIVE TISSUE:  A tissue in meats, usually of white elastic fiber that binds together and supports outside tissue.

CONSERVE:  A preserve similar to marmalade, but often made of several fruits with the addition of nuts and raisins.

CONSOMMÉ:  A clear, concentrated stock or broth usually made from a combination of two or more kinds of meat, such as beef, veal, and poultry plus some vegetables for seasoning. It is well seasoned, strained, and clarified. For many purposes, a quick substitute is 1 chicken bouillon cube dissolved in 1 cup hot water.


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