FOOD GLOSSARY - Yorkshire Pudding to Zwiebeln

YORKSHIRE PUDDING:  A traditional English dish, a pop-over-like batter pudding baked in the drippings of roasting beef. Nowadays it is often the same type of pudding baked in muffin cups or other separate pan while the meat is roasting.

ZABAGLIONE or ZABAIONE (Italian):  A famous dessert similar to the French, sabayon. It is a delicate soft custardy mixture of beaten eggs, sweetened, and flavored with wine. Served hot or cold as is or over fruit or other dessert as a sauce.

ZAKUSKA :  Russian-style hors d'oeuvres or appetizers.

ZUCCHINI :  Italian summer squash, slender green or green-striped, about 5 inches long, and resembling young cucumber.

ZUPPA INGLESE (Italian) :  A soft cake such as a sponge cake, soaked in rum or other liquor, with a custard filling, topped with whipped cream.

ZWIEBACK :  Literally, twice-baked in German. A specially baked sweet, tender bread is sliced and toasted. Also called rusk or Brussels biscuit.

ZWIEBELN (German):  Onions.


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