FOOD GLOSSARY - Chiffon Pie to To Melt Chocolate

CHIFFON PIE:  Fluffy pie fillings made of gelatin, fruit, eggs, sometimes whipped cream, etc.

CHIFFONADE (French):  Literally, "rags." Refers to a garnish of finely shredded vegetables used for soups and salads. Chiffonade dressing is a salad dressing (usually French dressing) with minced or shredded vegetables in it.

CHILI CON CARNE:  Spanish meaning literally "peppers with meat." A dish of Mexican origin extremely popular in the southwestern part of the United States. The chief ingredients are beef, beans, chili pepper, and other seasonings. Also spelled chile con carne.

CHILI SAUCE:  A bottled sauce made of red and green peppers, ripe tomatoes, vinegar, spices, and other seasonings.

CHILL:  To allow to become thoroughly cold but not frozen.

CHINESE CABBAGE:  A vegetable with a tapered head, 14 to 16 inches long, and crisp, tender, greenish-white leaves. It has a delicate flavor. It's nice cooked, or in salads including cole slaw.

CHITTERLINGS:  Southern dish of the small intestines of pigs. Boiled and well seasoned, then dipped in egg, rolled and deep fat fried.

CHIVES:  A hardy plant of the onion family with small, slender, hollow green leaves which have a delicate onion flavor. To use, snip fine or chop and add to cheese and egg dishes, meat and poultry dishes, stews, salads, soups, and vegetables, etc.

CHOCOLATE AND COCOA:  Chocolate and cocoa are made from the beans of the cacao tree; the term cocoa is a corruption of "cacao" (a Spanish adaption of the Mexican "ca-cauat"). The term, cacao, is now used in the trade to refer to the raw beans. Chocolate is the manufactured product when it appears in solidified form such as bars. Cocoa is a powder made from the beans with part of the cocoa butter removed. Breakfast cocoa contains at least 22 percent cocoa butter.

Dutch Process Cocoa: This is made by a chemical treatment that producesa cocoa of a darker color and somewhat different flavor from other products. The method originated in Holland, but also is used domestically.

Instant Cocoas and Ready-to-Serve Cocoas: These require only the addition of hot or cold water or milk to be served as a beverage.

Unsweetened Chocolate: This is made from carefully selected beans, with no cocoa butter removed.

Semisweet Chocolate: This has just enough flavoring sweetening added to give a pleasing, half-sweet flavor. Some cocoa butter is removed.

To Melt Chocolate: Place chocolate in small bowl or custard cup (or aluminum foil or parchment paper); set over hot, not boiling, water until melted. Or melt in original wrapping, on piece of aluminum foil, placed in oven while oven is heating or cooling off. Remove chocolate as soon as it is melted. Never meit chocolate over direct heat. Cool slightly before using.


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