FOOD GLOSSARY - Form Into A Ball to Fricandeau

FORM INTO A BALL:  This is a step that's important in pastry. Pick up dough with both hands and press (don't pat) firmly together. Turn as you press until you have a ball-shaped mass that holds together with no crumbs.

FOWL:  Originally this term was used to refer to any bird, but nowadays used in combination as wild fowl; also used as a general term to describe any of the larger birds used as food such as a chicken, duck, goose, etc. When used in recipes to refer to chicken, it usually means a full-grown (stewing or roasting), chicken as distinguished from a broiler or fryer. For the sake of clarity, the term should be replaced in recipes by the specific type of chicken or other poultry required in the recipe.

FRASISES (French):  Strawberries

FRAMBOISES (French):  Raspberries

FRANCAISE (French):  Dish prepared in the French manner, usually with green vegetables or tomatoes.

FRANCONIA:  In the culinary sense, it means browned. Franconia potatoes are whole potatoes, pared and browned with the roast.

FRANGIPANE:  Said to derive its name from either a famous Italian pastry cook or a major-general under Louis XIV of France, this is usually a custard cream used for filling eclairs, etc.

FRAPPS (French):  A dessert made of partly frozen beverages, fruit juices, etc. or a drink made of some beverage poured into a glassful of shaved ice.

FRENCH BREAD:  A long, narrow loaf of yeast bread with a large proportion of hard crust.

FRENCH DOUGHNUT:  Doughnut made of chou paste.

FRENCH FRYER:  An uncovered cooking utensil with a perforated, meshed, or sieve-like insert basket with one handle; also an electric deep fat fryer.

FRENCH ICE CREAM:  Ice cream made rich with cream and eggs.

FRENCH ICE PASTRY:  Individual pastries, most frequently made of puff paste combined with nuts, fruits, chocolate, etc.

FRENCH ROLL:  A hard, crisp roll; also called Vienna roll.

FRENCH TOAST:  Slices of bread dipped in milk mixed with beaten egg, salt, and pepper, then fried.

FRENCHED GREEN BEANS:  Beans cut in two strips lengthwise, then each strip cut in two narrow strips.

FRICANDEAU (French):  Larded meat, usually veal, in a sauce.


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