FOOD GLOSSARY - Kranzkuchen to Langue

KRANZKUCHEN:  A type of sweet cake made in a braided form.

KREPLACH:  A Jewish dish; noodle dough cut into small squares, filled with meat, cheese, or other fillings and cooked in soups. They resemble the Italian ravioli and the Chinese won tons.

KRINGLE :  Scandinavian yeast-raised coffee cake.

KUCHEN (German):  A cake, often coffee cake.

KUGEL:  A pudding, especially one made of potatoes or noodles and baked; old-time Jewish dishes.

KUGELHUPF (German):  A type of yeast coffee cake.

KUMISS or KOUMISS:  Originally fermented mare's or camel's milk. Imitations of it are prepared with milk, sugar, and yeast.

KÜMMEL (German):  Caraway seeds; also a type of liqueur flavored with caraway seeds.

KOMQUAT:  A small orange-colored oval fruit about the size of a plum. It has a thin, sweet, aromatic rind and an acid pulp; also spelled cumquat. It is used mainly in preserves, jelly, for garnishes, etc.

LACHS (German):  Salmon.

LADY BALTIMORE CAKE:  A delicate white cake baked in three layers with a white frosting and a filling to which has been added chopped fruits and nuts such as figs, raisins, and pecans or walnuts.

LADYFINGERS:  A delicate pastry very much like sponge cake or it could be a sponge cake mixture baked in small finger shapes. They may be baked in a special pan; however, usually the mixture is piped through a pastry tube. When baked they are put together in pairs with a frosting, whipped cream, or egg white. They are often served with ice cream. or used as a foundation for more elaborate desserts.

LAIT (French):  Milk.

LANGOUSTE (French):  Lobster-like crawfish.

LANGUE (French):  Tongue; langue de veau: veal tongue. Langue des chats, or cat's tongues: chocolate candy; the pieces are tongue-shaped.


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