FOOD GLOSSARY - A La Newburg to Anadama Bread

A LA NEWBURG (French):  Served in a sauce of butter, cream, egg yolks, and wine.

A LA PROVENÇALE (French):  Prepared with olive oil and garlic; often with tomatoes and onions added.

A LA RUSSE (French):  Prepared in the Russian manner.

AL DENTE:  Italian term meaning literally "to the tooth." It is used to describe macaroni products cooked only until semisolid, not overcooked. The correct way to cook spaghetti, for example, when served with a sauce.

ALEWIFE:  Fish resembling herring and shad, caught on the east coast and also in some lakes and streams.

ALL-BRAN:  Trade name for ready-to-eat bran cereal, also used for muffins, etc. See Cereals.

ALLEMANDE (French):  German. Allemande sauce is a smooth yellow sauce made of but- ter, flour, chicken or veal stock, egg yolks, and lemon juice. Used on chicken and, fish loaves, croquettes. Cereals.



ALLUMETTE (French):  Match; a term sometimes applied to foods cut in matchlike strips. Pommes allumettes: potato straws; allumettes au fromage: cheese straws.

ALMOND PASTE:  Finely ground almonds used as a base for marzipan, candies, pastry fillings. See Marzipan.

ALUM:  Chemical compound sometimes used to make pickles crisp.

AMANDINE (French):  With almonds. Fish such as fillet of sole or trout amandine is covered with a butter sauce with slivered almonds. Vegetables, too, are served this way.

AMBROSIA:  Cold fruit dessert, usually of sliced oranges, bananas, and shredded coconut.

AMÉRICAINE (French):  American; ala Americaine: "in American style."

ANADAMA BREAD:  An old-time New England bread-a yeast-leavened bread made of a mixture of corn meal and white flour, usually flavored with molasses. According to one legend, it was Created by a New England fisherman who had a lazy wife named Anna. She was too lazy to prepare his food, so he had to do the cooking himself. He became well known for the bread he baked and, when asked what he called this bread, he replied that Anna, "damn her," was too lazy to bake the bread, so he had to make it himself. So, he guessed he'd call it "Anadama Bread."


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