FOOD GLOSSARY - Greens to Hache or Hachis

GREENS:  The edible green leaves of plants which are most often cooked for serving.

GRILL:  This term refers to the act of broiling as well as to the framework of metal wires or bars, commonly used for outdoor broiling. See Broil.

GRIND:  To reduce to particles by cutting, crushing, or grinding. Usually it means to "grind" by putting food through a food chopper. Food choppers have two or more blades. Use a blade with smaller holes to grind foods fine; one with larger holes for coarser chopping, like meat, for a juicy meat loaf.

GRISTEL:  A cartilage; an elastic but very tough tissue, like soft bone.

GRITS:  Grain, hulled and coarsely ground, and used as a breakfast cereal.

GROATS:  Hulled, or hulled and coarsely cracked, grain, especially wheat or oats.

GROUND CHERRY:  Fruit the size of a cherry which grows along the ground in cornfields and elsewhere, wild or cultivated. The berry is covered with a papery husk. Used for preserves, primarily, but good raw.

GROUND NUT OR GROUND TEA:  English names for peanut.

GUAVA:  A pear-shaped fruit from a tropical tree grown in Florida and California, red to yellow in color. It is seldom seen fresh except where grown. Popular in jelly, jam, and paste form.

GRUEL:  A very thin cereal mixture made by cooking cereal, salt, and water for the desired time and then straining.

GRUNT:  Old-time New England pudding, usually made of berries, butter, sugar, and milk.

GUACAMOLE (Spanish):  A California salad,appetizer or sandwich spread of Mexican origin made of avocado mashed with various seasonings, usually including chili pepper. Also served in slices.

GUANABANA:  The fruit also known as soursop, used for ices and conserves.

GUINEA FOWL:  A domestic bird with a gamy flavor.

GUMBO:  Okra; also a thick rich soup containing okra and other vegetables such as onion, green peppers, and tomatoes as well as chicken or shrimp, etc. Especially popular in New Orleans.

HACHE, HACHIS (French):  Hache: Minced or chopped meats; hachis: hash.


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