FOOD GLOSSARY - Evaporated Milk to Mock Mincemeat

Evaporated Milk:  This is whole milk from which a little more than half of the water has been removed - that is, concentrated to double richness. It is homogenized and pasteurized before it is put in the can, then sterilized after the can is sealed. It is fortified with a large amount of vitamin D. When it is mixed half-and-half with water, it may be used as whole milk and has the same nutritive value. It can be used as it comes from the can in place of cream, or, when it has been thoroughly chilled, it can be whipped. Keep evaporated milk in the can after opening. Cover the top with a food cover or a piece of aluminum foil pressed close against top edge. Refrigerate when not in use.

Condensed Milk:  This is a mixture of whole milk and sugar from which about 60 percent of the water has been removed before the mixture is canned. It is used to sweeten coffee and for special cooking purposes. It is rarely used with sugar. Note that canned sweetened condensed milk is not the same as evaporated milk.

Dry or Powdered Milk:  This is milk with the water removed. Whole dry milk, seldom sold in groceries, has the nutritive content of fresh whole milk.

Dry skim milk, officially called "non-fat dry milk solids," is made by removing virtually all butterfat and water from fresh whole milk. The remaining portion is a nonfat or skim milk powder which contains all of the important nutrients of fresh whole milk except vitamins A and D and, of course; the butterfat.

Instant dry skim milk products differ from non-instant dry skim milk products only in ease of reconstitution into liquid milk. Drymilks, especially the nonfat types are finding more and more uses in home cooking. They are thrifty buys. Even if you have a pronounced distaste for the flavor of skim milk, you can still enjoy the economy of the product by using it in cooking. Simply mix in the powder with the other dry ingredients and add water at the point where the recipe calls for milk. Or reconstitute it as directed on the label and use in the recipe in place of fresh milk.

Chocolate Milks:  When buying these flavored milks, note that there is a distinction among the types available. Chocolate milk is whole milk to which has been added chocolate syrup. If it is made with skim milk or partially skimmed milk, it is called chocolate milk drink or chocolate milk beverage. When made from whole milk and cocoa, it is called chocolate-flavored milk. When made from skim milk and cocoa, it is called chocolate-flavored drink.

Malted Milk:  This is a soluble powder from whole dried milk and dried malted cereals. It's an easily digested concentrated food because the starch is predigested. To serve, the food value may be increased by preparing it with hot or cold milk.

MILLE-FEUILLES (French):  Literally, a thousand leaves; delicate French pastry in many thin layers; puff paste.

MILT:  The reproductive glands of male fishes, especially when filled with germ cells and the milky fluid containing them. It is cooked like fish roe or eggs, and considered a delicacy by some people.

MINCE:  To mince means to cut food into very small pieces, finer than covered by the term chopped. Use the same tools as for chopping: a scissors, sharp knife and cutting board, or chopping knife and wooden bowl; keep at it longer than for chopping.

MINCEMEAT:  A mixture of chopped cooked meat, apples, raisins, currants, citron, etc. It is used for pies, pudding, etc.

Mock Mincemeat: Contains no meat; green tomatoes are used instead.


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