FOOD GLOSSARY - Cholent to Cioppino

CHOLENT:  A Jewish Sabbath dish prepared on Friday and cooked overnight in a very slow oven. Some variation of this dish was developed by Jews in almost every country of Europe because of the prohibition against cooking on the Sabbath. Some scholars believe the name is a corruption of schul ende, referring to the fact that it would be ready when the synagogue service was over on Saturday morning. Others believe it is derived from French chaud, meaning warm. In some communities, it was customary to use the local baker's brick oven as a community oven for baking the Sabbath cholent.

CHOP (The food):  A cut of meat; the name is derived from the fact that the piece is chopped off.

CHOP (The cooking term):  To cut food into smaller pieces with a scissors, a knife and cutting board, chopping knife and bowl, or some type of mechanical cutter. When a large knife and cutting board are used, one hand holds knife tip on board; the other moves blade up and down through food. For a quick job, cut a whole bunch of celery, onions, or rhu- barb at one time.

CHOP SUEY :  An American-Chinese dish supposedly unknown in China. It is made of a great variety of ingredients which may include chicken, other meats, seafood, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts mushrooms, and stock. Served with ricee.

CHORIZO:  Spanish sausage, air-dried, something like a frankfurter, but highly seasoned.

CHOU (French):  Cabbage.

CHOU-FLEUR (French):  Cauliflower.

CHOU PASTE:  Paste used in making eclairs, cream puffs, French doughnuts, etc.

CHOUX DE BRUXELLES (French):  Brussels sprouts.

CHOW CHOW:  Could refer to any mixture of chopped foods but usually refers to chopped vegetable pickle in a highly seasoned mustard sauce; also chopped preserved fruits.

CHOWDER:  A thick unstrained soup, especially one made of fish, clams, etc., cooked with vegetables, often in milk.

CHOW MEIN:  A dish similar to chop suey, except that it is served with fried noodles instead of rice. See Chop Suey.

CHUTNEY:  A highly seasoned relish, usually of fruits, spices, vinegar, and sugar. Originally made in India; served with curries. It is often based on mangoes. Homemade chutneys include tomato, apple, pear, etc.

CIOPPINO:  A famous San Francisco dish, a fish or fish and shellfish stew, simmered in highly seasoned tomato sauce, often with wine added.


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