FOOD GLOSSARY - Casserole to Bran Flakes

CASSEROLE:  Covered glass, metal, or earthenware dish in which food can be baked and served. Food so prepared is said to be "en casserole." The term is also applied to the method of cooking, that is, to cook in a casserole-"casserole cookery."

CAVIAR:  The prepared salty roe (eggs) originally only of a sturgeon, now made from that of other fish. Generally served on bread or toast with lemon juice and chopped onion or chopped egg.

CELERIAC OR CELERY ROOT:  A type of celery with an edible, turnip-like root.

CELTUCE:  A vegetable which, as its name indicates, is partly like celery, partly like lettuce. It is said to have originated in China but now grown in the United States.

CEREALS:  The term, cereal, describes a wide variety of foods made from the grain or seed of cultivated grasses. In order to be more specific. in a recipe, many food editors use the generic names of cereals rather than just the term cereal. Many of these generic names will be found on the package and will be readily recognized when shopping. It should be remembered that there is frequently more than one brand of each of these generic types. The following are varieties of hot and ready-to-eat cereals with the generic names with a brief description and explanation of each type of cereal.

Hot Cereals
Farina:  A white granular cereal made from substantially pure wheat endosperm of the best grade hard wheat. There are both quick-cooking and regular farinas.

Hot Whole Wheat Cereal:  A brown granular cereal made from the kernel of carefully selected whole wheat, with or without added flavoring. There are both quick-cooking and regular.

Rolled Oats:  Made from choicest oats which are cleaned and hulled leaving the whole oat kernel or groat. The oat kernels are steamed and then passed through heavy steel rolls. There are both quick-cooking and regular or "old fashioned" rolled oats.

Rolled Wheat:  Made from choice whole wheat kernels. The kernels are steamed so that they may be rolled into flat flakes. Cereals of this generic group are quick cooking.

Ready-to-Eat Cereals  

Bran Flakes:  Made from selected winter wheat with an additional portion of wheat bran. The cleaned grain is rolled into flat pieces. This mixture is flavored, cooked under steam pressure, dried, rolled into flakes and toasted.

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