FOOD GLOSSARY - Cannelon to Cashew

CANNELON (French):  When used alone, the word usually refers to a small roll or "stick" of pastry, stuffed with minced meat or sweets, baked or fried. When applied to meat, as "cannelon of beef," it means a stuffed roll of beef, cooked usually by braising.

CANNOLI:  A Sicilian deep-fat fried pastry filled with Ricotta cheese, pudding, or whipped cream.

CAPERS:  Flower buds of a bush grown in Mediterranean countries. They come pickled and are used for flavoring or as a garnish. Excellent with shrimp salad or to season lamb gravy.

CAPOCOLLO (Italian):  Cooked, boneless pork butt that has been rolled in spices and pepper and is served in thin slices.

CAPON:  A castrated male chicken usually under 10 months of age, and weighing 6 to 9 pounds, ready-to-cook weight. It is exceptionally meaty, and its flesh is juicy, tender, unusually fine in flavor. Capons are usually roasted.

CAPONETTE OR CAPETTE:  A hormone treated chicken of either sex, usually marketed at an earlier age than a capon. It is usually lighter in weight but retains all the advantages of a capon. See Capon.

CAPPELLETTI:  A moist stuffed Italian pasta usually served in soups; said to resemble "little hats."

CAPSICUM:  Any of a number of tropical plants with many seeded pungent pods called chilies or peppers.

CAPOCOLLO (Italian):  Cooked, boneless pork butt that has been rolled in spices and pepper and is served in thin slices.

CARAMELIZE:  To heat sugar slowly in a skillet until it melts and develops a golden-brown color and characteristic flavor, called caramel. Or to heat foods containing sugar until light brown and of caramel flavor.

CARDOON:  Tall, thistle-like plant related to the artichoke, greenish-olive in color. It is popular in France. Some is grown here; more is imported. It is used in salads, stews, soups, as a vegetable.

CAROB:  An evergreen tree of the Mediterranean area with a long, edible fleshy seed pod, known as a carob pod, locust pod, St. John's bread, and bokser. The carob pod is often seen in Italian food shops.

CARTE DU JOUR (French):  Bill of fare or menu for the day.

CASABA:  A variety of melon with a yellow rind and sweet white flesh. It is served most often in slices with sugar and lemon juice.

CASHEW:  This kidney-shaped nut grows on the outside of the cashew apple, fruit of a tropical tree. It has become one of our most popular nuts in recent years.


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