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Pizza Recipes

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Tomato Cheese Pie Pizza
Why buy a pizza when I can make one much better then store bought at home? This pizza is so good and full of flavor and taste.
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French Bread Pizza
Quick and easy pizza that is great in a situation where you have no time.
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Pissaladiere Pizza
The sunny flavors of southern France come together in Pissaladiere, the earthy "street" pizza from Nice.
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Caponata Pizza
The Sicilians turn eggplant into a tangy, sweet-and-sour relish called caponata. Commonly eaten as antipasto, with good bread to soak up the juices, it also makes an uncommonly tasty pizza topping.
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Beer Drinker's Deep-Pan Pizza
This recipe makes a very nice pizza, and with all pizzas, there is a lot of room for adding or leaving off ingredients.
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Pizza with Red Onion and Pancetta
This pizza is flavored by the Italian style bacon that's sliced like salami from a round loaf.
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Pizza with Pesto Mushrooms and Fontina Cheese
The fresh basil sauce called pesto is spooned over this savory pizza during its last moments in the oven, to keep the color a brilliant green.
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Pizza Nicoise
Along the Cote d'Azur in southern France, pizza is as omnipresent as it is in Italy. Here is a version from Nice. It makes a pleasant informal meal with a green salad, light red wine, and fresh fruit for dessert.
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Garlic Gorgonzola and Prosciutto Pizza
Italian cheeses and meats makes creating new pizza combinations a delicious mix-and-match game. This one teams blue-veined Gorgonzola and traditional whole-milk mozzarella cheese with prosciutto -the salty, air-dried ham native to Parma.
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Chorizo Cheese and Green Chile Pizza
For those who enjoy pizza even when it isn't more than vaguely Italian, here is a slightly picante version with a Mexican influence.
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Condensing "all" pizzas down to a few manageable styles is not easy, as regions of the country like to claim their "own style" of pizza. Just putting different toppings on a pizza does not constitute a "style" of pizza in the context of this category of recipes.

Chicago Style is pretty much opposite NY Style in that it has a thicker, more buttery crust , to include deep-dish, with plenty of tomato sauce and generous amounts of cheese.

Greek Style is popular in New England and the product of pizza restaurants owned by people of Greek heritage. The crust is normally chewier and thicker and baked in pans rather than directly on oven bricks. Olive oil is often used as a topping as well as part of the crust baking process.

Italian Style is an oven baked crust with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese with other toppings.

NY Style, Brick Oven, and Neopolitan are somewhat interchangeable, are opposite Chicago Style in that their crust is thin, crisp, and foldable.

Pan pizza is baked in a pan with thick crust and many toppings. Baked in a "pan" being the distinction.

Quad City Style is a thin crust pizza that has a spicy, heavy with malt taste which is toasty and nutty. The tomato sauce is spicy and thin and contains red chile and cayenne. The pizza is topped with Italian sausage from edge to edge.

Sicilian style is thick crust with pecorino cheese and anchovies which is cut in squares.

White pizza uses no tomato sauce but instead uses a pesto or even sour cream. Often has just cheese drizzled with olive oil with light basil and garlic.

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