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Bread Recipes

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2 Reviews
Apple Praline Bread
I love apples and I love bread. This recipe fulfills both those loves. Easy and tasty.
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1 Reviews
Brooklyn Bagels
It is hard to beat home made baked goods and these bagels are so delicious.
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3 Reviews
Grandma Louises Banana Bread Loaf
This bread is so good right out of the oven and it is delicious. It can be served with a meal, eaten as a snack or even as dessert.
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1 Reviews
Ham and Cream Biscuits
Enhance a main-dish salad with these flaky, tender biscuits made with whipping cream and dotted with finely chopped ham.
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1 Reviews
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
Cinnamon rolls and pancakes at the same time are hard to beat for a hearty breakfast.
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1 Reviews
Drop Doughnuts
Home made goodness that is sweet, tasty and easy to make.
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1 Reviews
Hamburger Buns or Hot Dog Buns
One persuasive school of thought holds that a hamburger or hot dog is only as good as the roll in which it nestles. For such purists, here is a recipe for homemade ones. Keep a supply in the freezer to use as needed.
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1 Reviews
Calzone with Sun Dried Tomatoes
This form of pizza turnover originated in Naples. Calzone is named for the trouser leg some people think it resembles.
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1 Reviews
Challah Braided Egg Bread
Sesame or poppy seed speckles the crust of this traditional Jewish bread, challah. It's a brunch classic with strawberries and your favorite omelet.
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1 Reviews
Swiss Apple Ring Coffee Cake
A luscious dried-apple filling with golden raisins wends its spicy way through this appealing breakfast bread.
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When the modern cook wants a hot bread to add interest to an otherwise uninspiring meal or when they want a quick coffee cake for breakfast on a cold Sunday morning, they turn to quick breads leavened with baking powder, baking soda, steam, or air rather than with yeast. They include biscuits, muffins, coffee cakes, shallow loaves (such as corn breads) deep loaves (such as nut breads), spoon breads, griddlecakes, and waffles

Breads reflect the available food supplies and the tastes of the people in the sections from which they came. For example, crackling bread was invented in the lean kitchens of the South following the war between the states. Before baking powder was compounded, soda with sour milk or buttermilk supplied the leaven. Old-fashioned sour milk is no longer readily available. Some of the recipes in this section, using baking soda plus vinegar give the qualities of these old-fashioned sour milk-baking soda leavened breads. Most quick breads are easily made in a relatively short time.

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