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Picture of Food Shrimp Chow Mein
4 Reviews
Chow mein is chop suey which is served over chow mein noodles instead of over rice. While considered an Americanized Chinese food, there are direct links to the Canton region of China where tsap seui (our chop suey) is served.
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Quick and Easy

Picture of Food Pork Chops with Apple and Cider Sauce
2 Reviews
Pork Chops with Apple and Cider Sauce Recipe uses pork chops and brings together the traditional ingredients of pork and apples with garlic, sugar, vinegar, mustard and thyme to create this deliciously tasty pork chop recipe.
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Picture of Food Roasted Sweet Potatoes
2 Reviews
This is a nice sweet potato recipe which is easy to bake and has a great taste.
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USA Regional Recipes

Picture of Food Chicken Sauteed Creole Style
2 Reviews
Chicken Sauteed Creole Style Recipe uses frying chicken browned in butter then simmered with onion, tomatoes, pimientos, garlic, thyme, parsley and bay leaves in chicken consomme which is served over rice.
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